Graphic services
  • Website designWordpress, CMS, PSD templates & eCommerce
  • LogotypesThe first 2 revisions are free
  • Flyers & postersWe use all the standard sizes - easy to print
$150 USD per hour LET'S GET STARTED
Travel services
  • Around the worldTravel around the world in 8 countries
  • Charter toursTravel on a big boat
  • InterrailVisit all of Europe by train
Contact us for prices I WANT TO TRAVEL
App services
  • PlanningFirst we resserach and plan your app
  • DesigningWe then start working on the design
  • ImplementingThen we code it and publish it
$200 USD per hour DEVELOP MY APP


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  • I just couldn't believe it when I first tried the ingenious Project 84. It was an unbelievable experience that I want everybody around the world to try. I highly recommend PowerHouse and its services.

    John Anderson CEO of ThisAndThat
  • The travel agency is incredible. We got a trip to Hawaii for just under $500 USD and the hotel was perfect. I can't point out one bad thing about PowerHouse because everything just went so smoothly I could hardly believe it.. I'm used to being screwed by companies but this time I'm just happy.

    Sara O'Neil Random citizen
  • Developing my app is the best damn thing I didn't do myself. This company did a marvelous job.

    Jack Masterson Truck driver with a lot of ideas
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